Tropical Plants that would be perfect for your UK Garden!

Here at exotic plants online we feature some of the best tropical plants for sale, so you can learn, buy and grow these wonderful plants in your own back garden in the British climate. Some plants are better than others at dealing with the cold, therefore a lot of plants need looking after in the Winter, either keeping them warm indoors, in your garage or even in a warmed poly tunnel.

When selecting your tropical plants before you buy, please make sure you read the detailed information about the plant, as depending on it’s hardiness rating will depend on the effort you need to get it through the winter. You can add wonderful shape and colour to your garden with the addition of tropical plants, most of these plants require no more effort than the rest of your plants, but regular watering and feeding never goes unnoticed! Often with a great deal of tropical plants the more water and food you give them the bigger they get!

Have a look around this website for some of the best cheap tropical plants for sale in the UK, that can be delivered straight to your door ready for planting out as soon as possible. We have a great selection of tropical plants!

Tropical plants for sale – Buy Tropical plants in the UK today!

Tropical Plants for UK Gardens

Tropical climates can be found all around Africa, South America, and some parts of Asia. They are characterised by high temperatures usually exceeding 20 degrees Celsius, no snow or frost days, and a humid environment. 

Also, tropical climates are the traditional home of tropical rainforest plants. Although they are generally growing in a tropical climate, tropical plants have evolved to be adaptable plants that can survive in diverse climates. 

Tropical plants are a popular option for UK landscape designers because they add an exotic aesthetically pleasing touch to your environment regardless of whether you live in the tropics or a colder region.

Types of Tropical Houseplants Plants

The plants below are tropical plants that can be potted and used as houseplants. They are some of the easiest types of tropical house plants to grow. 

Palms and Palm Trees

  • Yucca Plants: Yucca plants are exotic tropical garden plants with over 20 species with a wide range of variegations. Some of the Yucca plants species are green or blue, and others are yellow, white, or cream. They require a lot of indirect sunlight, and once you can get the right amount of sun to your Yucca plant caring for it is pretty much a breeze. It is a non-flowering plant that requires little water. 
  • Kentia Palm: Kentia plants are popular for being able to stand unfair conditions that most house plants will not ordinarily survive in. They are slow growers that can grow up to 40 feet in the wild and less than 12 feet when cultivated. They adapt easily to all kinds of soil and thrive well in shaded areas or areas with low light.

Desert Plants

  • Chisos Agave: Chisos agave is a perennial mountain shrub. It is often regarded as a cold hardy tropical plants because of how well it thrives in cold and harsh weather. Although the plant is evergreen, it only blooms from May till October. It blooms in colours yellow and red and is only about 4-6 meters in height. It survives in the harshest and driest conditions because it has low water requirements and thrives in dry soil. 
  • Pink Carpet: It is a trailing, hardy, flowering plant. Commonly called Hardy Ice Plant or Trailing Ice Plant. It is a perennial flowering plant with needle-like leaves and bright pink flowers. They thrive in direct sunlight but can still do well in slight shades. They thrive extremely well when the soil is dry and can even grow to become invasive. 

How To Care For Tropical Plants

Contrary to popular belief, tropical plants do not thrive with direct sunlight because in their natural habitat they are protected by the leaves of the larger plants, however in the UK most need as much of our weak sunshine as they can get! Most tropical plants survive in the same environments that humans survive, so once they get the right temperature, they are relatively low-maintenance. The easiest part of taking care of tropical plants is that they communicate their needs. 

Here are some basic tips to take care of tropical plants in your home and around your garden:

  1. Water your plants: It is important to keep your plants moist by watering them regularly but not wet. It is advisable to let the soil dry out between watering periods to keep the roots of the plants healthy and ensure that the plant grows evenly. Do not leave the soil around your plants to dry out for too long because it can damage the roots of the plants and eventually lead to the plant’s death. If the soil around your plant is cracked then it is a sign that your plant is dehydrated and in need of water. Also, do not wait for the leaves of your plant to start wilting before watering it. This stresses the plants and damage the root and leaves of the plant. Overwatering will cause as much harm as underwatering and is the number one killer of tropical house plants. It also allows fungus and bacteria to find their way into the soil.
  2. Light: Light is as important as water when growing a healthy plant. The light requirement differs depending on the type of plant. Most plants require a steady amount of sunlight, but few require direct sunlight so for a house plant, you can consider placing it close to an open window where the sunlight will reach it or supplement the sunlight with an artificial growth light.
  3. Temperature and Humidity: This is a key aspect to take note of when growing tropical plants. Creating an environment in your home that imitates the natural habitat of these plants in terms of temperature and humidity is required for tropical plants to thrive. During cold seasons, it may be harder to achieve this level of humidity so you can supplement with a plant humidifier, or just a regular mist.

Tropical plants give us a true sense of the diverse features of tropical forests. Different tropical plants exhibit exaggerated appearances from their mysterious orchid flowers to their hairy fronds, and their glossy leaves. They add a warm aura to every landscape and garden.

What are tropical plants?

They are plants that are native to tropical regions.

What plants go in a tropical garden?

Some of the most common plants you will find in a tropical garden are; Trachycarpus fortunei (Chusan palm), Dicksonia antarctica (soft-tree fern), Chamaerops humilis (dwarf fan palm), Carex Comans (bronze New Zealand hair sedge), Dryopteris filix-mas (male fern), Hosta (plantain lily), Cordyline australis (cabbage palm), Athyrium (lady fern) ‘Ghost’.

What is the easiest tropical plant to grow?

Some of the easiest tropical plants to grow are; Rubber tree / Sansevaria / Philiodendron / Dracaena etc.

Cheap tropical plants for sale online to buy in the UK

Here at EPO we understand that any hobby can get expensive and there is always a point where you might have to get a little cost conscious. This is just the same in the gardening world, and it’s easy to get carried away (Which is one of the sheer joys of gardening we think!) so we have found all kinds of cheap tropical plants for sale online that you can buy in the UK and I think some of our suppliers even offer worldwide postage with the right documents. Our site points to some the best suppliers of tropical plants in the UK, and each place usually carries a great stock level and great choice of plants.

We try and list just as many cheap tropical plants and special offers as we can, as well some of the other plants that just don’t get discounted much too. Recently we had a great offer of loads on seeds – growing from seed is by far the cheapest way to buy tropical plants and if you have a little more time and love to put in, the rewards can be quite amazing.

One plant that is always great value is the humble Musa Basjoo a cheap plant to buy, especially as a pup, that just keeps on growing year on year, and never seems to stop.

Other cheap and great tropical plants to buy would be one of the many canna plants – easily grow from tubers or seeds, and provide a cheap, bulky and colourful backdrop to your tropical garden. Have a look at some of our top Cannas Plants here.

The joy of having a tropical garden is that there are no hard and fast rules to what constitutes ‘tropical’, so just get in the garden and plant what you like – the bigger and bolder the better!