Dischidia imbricata – string of nickels

If you are looking for plants that can be suspended, then the string of nickels should be on your list! This unique epiphyte, which is a native to India and Thailand, grows in the form of a vine, which is why it is usually grown in hanging pots inside houses.

Dischidia imbricata String of nickelsIt is a little different from your ordinary houseplant, therefore, it is important to know how to care for it!

Potting mix for Dischidia imbricata:

Regular soil might not work for this plant as it is an epiphyte, it is better if you use an orchid mix which is well drained and also has chunks of soil. You can find coco husk chips which are made from coconut shells as soil which guarantees well drainage of soil. Using a regular mix might lead to abundant water in the soil causing extreme stress for dischidia imbricata or the string of nickels plant. 

Water requirements for the string of nickels 

Watering this plant might be a little tricky as it tends to dry out in between watering which is good for the plant but if you let it dry out for too long, the leaves will start to wilt and wither. As the potting mix is chunky and contains well drained soil, the water will run through very quickly which is why watering the entire plant instead of one area only is very important. A drainage hole in your pot will help the plant thrive!

Light and temperature requirements for Dischidia imbricata

Direct sunlight suits this plant, however, make sure that it does not spend too many hours in direct sunlight as it will lead to leaf damage. Otherwise, indirect bright sunlight is preferred for dischidia imbricata, they thrive in filtered light which doesn’t damage the leaves. You can put your hanging pot outside in an area which receives both direct and indirect sunlight of balanced hours, while you make sure the plant is watered regularly. 

Do you need to fertilise Dischidia imbricata?

These epiphytes are not heavy feeders which is why light fertilizer when watering will be enough for them. You can mist them every now and then to increase humidity. You will find your vine growing well up to 1 m, outside the pot and falling downwards creating a beautiful waterfall effect. The strings give a very natural look, and you can also decorate the pot as you like to make it even more stunning. You will also find white flowers at the end of vines, the flowers usually last for a week after blooming.

Where can you buy Dischidia imbricata in the UK