Ceanothus italian skies is a vigorous and evergreen plant which gives an icy beautiful look with its blue flowers in late spring  It is also called California lilac and an easy to maintain plant which will enhance the look of your garden. 

Light requirements for ceanothus italian skies:

Californian Lilac Italian Skies

Californian Lilac Italian Skies

This plant belongs to the family Rhamnaceae, which also includes other similar shrubs that have flowers on them. The name ascertains the blue flowers along with the shape that these plants grow in, making them look like a miniature blue sky. The foliage and flowers need a full sun to grow healthy, and prefer semi shade.  Although these flowers have a fast growth, they also die out very early which is why it is important to keep them in shade in order to protect them from direct sunlight from scorch. 

Soil mix requirements

They are pretty easy going when it comes to soil, as you can use sand or loam for these blue beauties. Well drained soil is very suitable for ceanothus italian skies as they need water to reach the roots so they can grow their tall stems. 

Pruning ceanothus italian skies

After the plant has flowered, you can prune one third of the flowering shoots and cover that area with good compost. This will allow the plant to live a longer life and also improve its growth.   

Temperature and Humidity requirements

It is advised to plant the italian skies in a warm area which is protected from the cold winds. This plant requires a very moderate temperature which is not on any extreme for it to thrive. They do well in areas which get sufficient heat combined with a well drained soil. The most attractive part of this plant is that it covers a lot of area of a garden in a very less time, growing a height of up to 1.5 meters. 

Where can I buy ceanothus italian skies in the UK?