Alocasia macrorrhiza Stingray – Elephant Ear Plant 

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What might look like wings floating in the air from a distance, are the intricate leaves of the Alocasia stingray plant. Many people who have it in their homes keep it because of the fascinating curves of the leaves which is why it has stingray in its name. If your goal for your home and garden is to make it unique then this plant will do the job for you. The exotic plant also had a distinctive tail which is a perfect combination with the leaves. 

Alocasia StingrayAlocasia Stingray care and growing tips

Well drained soil which will not get wet or soggy when you water it but retains moisture for the plant to grow is ideal. A good quality compost will be fine here. It is important that the root gets the proper amount of water and if the soil is not well drained, it could easily result in rotting of the roots.

Keep the Alocasia Stingray out of direct midday sunshine

The magnificent leaves basking in the sunlight will get burned if they are exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, indirect but bright light is suitable for them to keep growing healthy. This means that you can easily maintain them inside your house where they will give a rich and classy look to your place and will also enjoy the sunlight. 

Don’t make it depressed!

If you plan to move it from one place to another, make sure that the change in brightness is not too drastic as these plants are sensitive to shock and might get depressed for a while after a sudden light change. Stingrays love sun and so thrive in warm areas, they are not very adaptive to lower temperatures even around air conditioners! These require as much natural sunlight as possible to soak up the goodness and make food for themselves. This quirky plant is a native of southeast Asia and so needs humidity to flourish. 

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Humidity requirements of this Alocasia

To keep it humid enough, spray water on the leaves on a warm day, or place a tray with water and pebbles underneath it. You could also use your humidifier for this purpose! Summer time is ideal for their growth, you can use an all-purpose fertiliser if you want to boost the growth of your Alocasia stingray. These green stingrays will add a new style and character to your place!

Light levels, watering, temperatures for the Alocasia Stingray

Light Conditions: Bright indirect light

Watering: Use warm water, don’t allow solid to dry out. Little and often, but don’t overwater. 

Temperature range: 18-22c

Humidity: Above average, use a mister once a week

Height: 1 – 1.3m 

Toxicity: Can be harmful if ingested, keep away from kids and pets. 

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