Buy Trachelospermum asiaticum – Chinese jasmineBuy Trachelospermum asiaticum – Chinese jasmine. Dense, much-branched, leafy climber from Japan and Korea, growing to a height of 6m in in its native habitat,  though much less in our climate unless grown in a conservatory. It has  lustrous dark green leaves up to 5 cm long. The windmill-shaped flowers hang in loose clusters, and are jasmine scented, creamy white with a buff-yellow eye which  ages to yellow-cream, from early to late summer. It prefers to be grown against a south-facing wall  near a doorway  so the intoxicating scent can be enjoyed.

Common Name: Chinese jasmine
Latin name: Trachelospermum asiaticum
Tenderness Rating: Hardy to about -10C with protection – can take drought well once established.
Ease of growing: Easy
Full sun to partial shade
Soil Condition: Fertile, well-drained soil

Buy Trachelospermum asiaticum – Chinese jasmine.