Cast Iron Fire PitThis absolutely gorgeous fire pit/brazier is so simply, yet elegantly designed that it would be the absolute perfect edition to your backyard or patio. As aesthetically pleasing as it is to the eye, it is also a great and very durable product.

The cast iron bowl holds a pretty decent sized fire. The bowl, slightly shallow, gives the fire pit/brazier a slightly Asian feel to its design. At 60 cm around and only 20cm tall, it is made out of very durable and thick cast iron.

This gives it a lot of weight so it can stand up to all types of weather and wind, however, if left out in the elements (i.e. snow, rain, and extreme moisture) it will begin to rust. It is guaranteed to never rust all the way through so it can be utilised with family and friends for years to come! As it is used, the paint will begin to burn off as well as any rust spots that have formed. Do not worry though; this cast iron fire pit/brazier was built to be durable and long lasting.

This Brazier/ fire pit comes in two pieces; the bowl for the fire and the stand. These two pieces fit together perfectly and are extremely easy to put with the instructions and a screwdriver, as the hardware is included. This fire pit/ brazier is absolutely beautiful and will bring a warm, inviting and very tranquil feeling whenever it is in use.