Base plate for brazierThis base plate for a brazier use is to be placed under a steel fire basket to catch any ash or hot embers that may fall from the burning wood above. It will also protect whatever surfaces you choose to place your fire basket on.

Measuring 43.7cm around and 2 cm tall, this base plate is a pretty good size and can hold a considerable amount of ash. This base plate comes in a high quality powder black finish over steel. However, over time the paint may begin to burn off and if you leave your base plate out in the elements, rain and moisture may cause rust to form. This doesn’t mean it still won’t serve its purpose. Its built to last, so even if it begins not to look so brand new, it will still catch ashes and protect your surfaces.

This base plate for a brazier is an important accessory to your fire basket. Guaranteeing that the fire you burn will not cause a mess or damage to the surface underneath it.