Yucca Plants for the UK garden.

The majority of Yuccas are very winter hardy and very suitable for the UK garden throughout the year, and with the right soil type and location they really can thrive. Yuccas are gorgeous plants, (and often confused with palm trees!) with striking and architectural leaf shapes creating amazing shadows and texture in your garden. They can be placed to feature on their own, but best in my opinion in clumps and groups to really create an interesting spectacle. Most Yuccas will grow will, and will develop strong healthy roots quicker than you can imagine they would in this climate. There are some that require more protection than others, but nothing that can’t be achieved. 

There are at least 40 species of rosette forming Yucca, similar to the many woody based evergreen perennial, trees and shrubs that you’ll find in the drier desert, plains and scrub land. Although they have sharp lance like leaves, they form gorgeous bell shaped delicate flowers, which are usually white or cream coloured. Ideally placed in a more desert style or Mediterranean garden, with similar shaped plants and shrubs such as the many palm trees that are hardy in the UK. Most Yuccas survive very well in the UK, providing you offer them very well draining soil in full sun. The majority are hardly down to around -10 to -15 if you can keep them dry.

Here are some of our suggested Yuccas for sale that you can buy on the following pages

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