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Cannas are amongst the most essential plants for the exotic border. They are big, brash and bright, giving a tropical look as they grow so ridiculously fast in just one season, especially if well fed and watered regularly. They can be found in sizes from small to very tall with leaves ranging from green to black and highly variegated, all topped with the most amazingly showy flowers…

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Boasting exotic, bold foliage, cannas are colourful perennials that will do well both in borders and containers. Their height and patterned leaves make them a gorgeous focal point on the patio or in your garden. They’re easy to grow, and can be planted out at the beginning of the summer, or after the final frost of spring. 

Plants such as the Canna Tropicana will produce spectacular orange blooms throughout the summer months, whilst Canna Coccinea blooms with bright red flowers that give it its ‘bonfire lily’ nickname. Deadheading the plants will encourage continued flowering late into the summer. If planted too late in the season, cannas may not flower – lack of water or low soil fertility may also be the cause of non-flowering.

For best results, cannas should be planted in an area with plenty of sunlight, but kept away from places that get direct sunlight for many hours at a time. If temperatures remain warm, cannas will even flower over the winter. In colder areas, move plants to a frost-free area, or cover the soil in mulch to trap warmth and prevent losses. Foliage may die back over the winter but will regrow in the spring. 

Cannas that prefer lots of water, such as the Canna Tropicana Gold, can be planted near a garden pond to maintain the lush, tropical look. 

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