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Often novice gardeners think of bulbs as purely a springtime spectacle, such as tulips and daffodils, unaware that there are many bulbs and tuberous plants that flower during the summer months like Cannas. Here you will find well-known and lesser-known species and hybrids that fit in well with the exotic garden style, ether with unusual or flamboyant flowers, scented or not to those with none, and those like Eucomis that have a rather odd, fetid sent! Most of the following will mix beautifully with your existing perennials and shrubs, often brightening up a dull

Easy to grow and beautiful to behold, bulbs and tubers are a sure-fire way to bring your garden to life. Although predominantly known for flowering in the spring time when not much else is growing, there are many bulbs and tubers that flower during the summer months. Many also remain evergreen throughout the year, so whichever bulbs you choose, your garden will remain lush and full. 

Lilies such as the Pineapple Lily will produce densely-packed clusters of white flowers in early spring, whilst the Arum Lily will continue to grow rich, lush blooms through spring and into summer. Agapanthus Africanus flowers through the summer, producing deep blue globes that tower above the foliage. They all fall into the category of ‘Bulbous plants’, which includes tubers. They are grown from swollen parts of roots or stems. 

Bulbs don’t require much care when growing, although most will not withstand frost, so it’s best to wait until the final severe frost of the year has passed before planting. Planting them in pots first and keeping them protected before planting outside is a good way to avoid the frost – many are well-suited to containers, and dwarf varieties can even be planted in hanging baskets to add a splash of colour to your porch or patio. 

Liquid feeding can help plants continue to grow during the summer – taller plants such as the Agapanthus may need staking to keep them upright. After they’ve flowered, trim the deadheads to ensure they flower the following year. Less hardy plants such as the Canna lilies may need digging up over winter to protect them from the frost, especially in colder climates. In warmer regions, covering with mulch is usually enough to keep out the cold. 

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