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Here is a collection of easily grown bamboos that will give your garden a truly exotic feel. They are mysterious plants that are quintessentially oriental in their form evoking raked pebbles and stone lanterns with their upright habit and billowing foliage that catch the slightest of breezes…

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Bamboo is an easy-to-grow plant that will lend height and structure to your garden. It thrives in most kinds of soil and requires little maintenance; smaller plants such as the Phyllostachys make decorative patio features, whereas the taller Red Stem Narihira is excellent for creating areas of screened privacy within your garden. Bamboo plants are also resistant to most common pests and diseases – all they really need to thrive is regular watering and a little fertiliser. 

Clumping bamboo is usually best for gardens, as it grows upwards, rather than the fast-spreading and more invasive running bamboo. However, if you live in a particularly exposed area, a running bamboo such as Phyllostachys aureosulcata f. spectabilis will thrive without too much spread. With good drainage, bamboo plants can also be kept indoors – if kept in an area with plenty of light, they’ll establish themselves quickly and add a pop of natural colour to your home. Phyllostachys Nigra is a good option if you’re looking to grow bamboo indoors. 

Planting in the spring is ideal for bamboo, as this ensures it will produce fresh, sturdy canes in the summer months. Fertilising in early spring and again in late summer will maximise growth potential – adding a layer of mulch to your bamboo roots will also keep the plant healthy and strong. To show the plants at their best, trim the lower leaves and stems as close to the cane as possible; this also creates a good circulation of air.

There’s plenty of varieties of bamboo to choose from, so whether your garden is sunny, shady, or exposed, there's bamboo for you.