Jungle Plants – Learn, Grow and Buy in the UK

If you are looking to recreate the look of the deep jungle in your garden in England, why not have a look at our recommended jungle garden plants selection below. Some of these plants also grow deep in the jungle in warmer climates, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t grow here with a bit of help. Some of the plants listed below will help develop a  jungle feel in your garden. Try plants with big and broad leaves, striking lines, architectural strength, bright colourful flowers and intoxicating scents – you can use your full creative license to make your garden look and feel however you like. This is the wonderful thing about exotic gardening, there are NO rules. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t represent a true jungle, you just want your garden to have that ‘different and exotic’ feel to it, something that is best achieved with jungle garden plants. Have a look at some of our featured plants below and use those as a starting point to create your very own jungle style garden! 

Jungle plants uk – Can jungle plants live outdoors in the UK?

Yes, you can grow jungle plants in the UK, just be aware that some of them may need assistance over wintering either in your house or a warm poy tunnel. Don’t let this put you off though, as there are many options to choose from. There are many plants that look like they come from the jungle when actually they are hardy, or from colder climates and grow quite successfully outdoors here in the UK.

Jungle house plants

If you want a jungle feel indoors, you can create the jungle look and feel. Look for big broad leaves as a starting point, but make sure you regularly water the plants if you’re trapping them indoors – most jungle plants need lots of light and lots of water. 

Urban jungle plants

If you want to create an urban jungle in your garden or your house, there are plenty of plants to choose from here. If you have a small garden in a terraced house perhaps, look for something tall around the edges to create a green wall around you, once you have that shelter there are many jungle plants that will grow in and around. Urban jungle is a bit of a well used term, but if that’s what you are looking for then go for it. 

Jungle hanging plants

There are a few options for hanging jungle plants, such as the easy to grow pothos (Epipremnum aureum) – gradually hangs as vines, we have one wall of our conservatory covered in this, and it’s very tolerant when ignored for a while. 

Jungle planting scheme – how to create a jungle theme with plants?

There are many ways to create a jungle planting scheme in your garden with exotic and tropical jungle plants. Work out the facing direction of your garden, and where the wind comes from and start there. It may be best to grow a tall wall of bamboo or similar to create some shelter from the wind, and then start from there!

What are the best plants for a jungle garden, what are Jungle foliage plants?

Have a look at our many guides below and see what you think will work best in your garden, as there are many choices to be had and many styles of plant to use. Big broad leaves are a must! Musa basjoo is a great start, and maybe the hardy Tetrapanax Rex.


How to plant jungle seeds? In a propagator with much attention mostly!