Buy Yucca elephantipes or Spineless Yucca online or for sale in the UKYucca elephantipes, also known as Yucca guatamalensis or the Spineless Yucca, is native to southeast Mexico and Guatamala.Check Exotic Plants Prices Although normally sold as a house plant, many intrepid gardeners have been growing it outside in recent years. It is an easy and very tough house plant but outside should only be attempted in the warmest of locations.

It is single stemmed when young becoming multi trunked with maturity, having long, fairly narrow lance-shaped, light to mid green leathery leaves, usually losing the lower leaves with age, showing the plants structure well.

Yucca elephantipes, if used indoors, should be grown no further than three to five feet from a window as they like lots of light. They work well as a conservatory plant.

Latin name: Yucca elephantipes
Common Name: Spineless Yucca
Ease of growing: Easy indoors – moderato to difficult outdoors
Position: Full sun, well-drained soil protect from frost and cold winds. Excellent and easy houseplant
Hardiness: Hardy to about -5C for very short periods only, otherwise use as an easy houseplant
Soil Condition: Well drain neutral soil

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