Phormium tenax variegatum Variagated New Zealand Flax For SalePhormium tenax variegatum – Variegated New Zealand Flax. Another excellent clump forming Phormium, thisCheck Exotic Plants Prices cultivar grows from 3- 4m tall by 2m or more wide, with robust, spear-like, grey-green leaves, glaucous on the reverse, and irregularly margined and banded with creamy yellow. A very dramatic and striking plant for the garden, and as with all Phormium’s, looks just as good through the cold winter months when the year, with its dramatic spear-like foliage really stands out. It will tolerate any soil, but is happiest in moist, free-draining humus rich soil. Give this grand plant plenty of space as with time it becomes enormous – love it!

Common Name: Variegated New Zealand Flax
Latin name: Phormium Phormium tenax variegatum
Tenderness Rating: Hardy down to about -8C though lower if the foliage tied up for the winter, especially if also protected with horticultural fleece if exceptionally cold weather is forecast – in most winters this will not be necessary.
Ease of growing: Easy.
Position: Prefers full sun position.
Soil Condition: dry to moist, humus rich well drained soil and respond well to a high nitrogen feed in the spring.