Buy Cheap Phoenix canariensis onlinePhoenix canariensis – Canary Island date palm Hailing form the Canary Islands, this is one of the most dramaticCheck Exotic Plants Prices palms that can be grown in our temperate gardens for sheer size and stature. Being a fairly fast growing palm, large specimens are available to give your garden that instant exotic look. Although it grows to 20ft tall in its native habitats 3-4m is achievable here in the UK if sited in a warm part of the garden protected from the prevailing winter wind. Older, large plants are much hardier than small juvenile ones, as they have a large base plate (the bit where the leaves come from).

They prefer a good, well-drained soil in a full sun position and take drought well once established, though respond well to feeding and being regularly watered in the early stages to get them established quickly and their roots down into the spoil.

The most well-known ones can be seen in the Abby Gardens on the Island of Tresco off the tip of Cornwall.

In very cold weather tie the fronds together to protect the growing point and wrap with horticultural fleece or sacking.

Common Name: Canary Island date palm
Latin name: Phoenix canariensis
Tenderness Rating: Hardy down to -8C and lower, especially if protected with horticultural fleece or sacking. In very cold areas straw could be used as well for extra protection.
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun in a sheltered corner away from desiccation winds.
Soil Condition: Well drained neutral soil.