Grevillea Mt Tamboritha Wooly GrevilleaA rather delightful dwarf, many-branched shrub growing to about 60cm x 60cm which can sometimes be mat-forming with age. ItCheck Exotic Plants Prices has narrow hairy, mid-green to greyish green leaves 1-3cm long with the edges rolled under.

Grevillea ‘Mt Tamboritha’ has beautiful pale pink and cream flowers which form semi-erect racemes up to 6cm across, flowering in the summer months for a long period. It is happiest in full sun growing on well-drained soil.

Unfortunately, it is only hardy in milder parts of the UK. Alternately it can be brought under cover during the coldest months of the winter or used as an excellent conservatory plant. It prefers being planted into gritty ericaceous compost.

Latin name: Grevillea ‘Mt Tamboritha’
Common Name: Wooly Grevillea
Ease of growing: Moderate
Position: Full sun
Hardiness: Half Hardy – it can withstand temperatures down to -5°C (23°F) for short periods
Soil Condition: Well drained soil