Grevillea johnsonii - Johnson's Grevillea - Grevillea for sale onlineGrevillea johnsonii is a very attractive and highly desirable shrubby evergreen hailing for New South Wales in Australia. It grows from 2-Check Exotic Plants Prices 4.5m in its native habitat, though far less in our temperate climate were it must be planted in the warmest protected gardens. Johnson’s Grevillea has exceedingly narrow leaves from 10 to 25cm long, giving a very gracefully almost feathery appearance. It is one of the most floriferous of all the Grevillea’s, flowering for long periods throughout the summer months.

Unfortunately Johnson’s Grevillea is not fully hardy, taking lows of -5C for short periods only. Never-the-less it makes an excellent container plant, for a full sun position throughout the warmer months and then placed into a greenhouse or conservatory for the winter.

It is fairly drought tolerant once established, though it does require occasional watering and feeding throughout the growing season.

Latin name: Grevillea johnsonii
Common Name: Johnson’s Grevillea
Ease of growing: Moderate
Position: Full sun
Hardiness: Moderately hardy or as a conservatory plant
Soil Condition: Well drained