Buy Eucomis bicolor Pineapple lily Eucomis bicolor, the Pineapple lily. (Hardy Lilies) – A rather spectacular and easily grown bulbous plant fromCheck Exotic Plants Prices South Africa that was introduced into UK cultivation over 200 years ago. In early spring Eucomis bicolor produces wide, soft, strap-like green leaves which are rather luxuriant in themselves, but then an upright flower spike appears with a brown splotched stem, topped with densely packed, small, star-shaped white flowers which turn pale green with age. The flower spike is topped with a hat of apple green leaf-like bracts which makes it look like a Pineapple, hence the common name. Leave the flower heads on when they go over as they produce delightful seedpods. It can be grown en mass in the ground or as I do, in a large container. I planted three about 8 years ago in a container about 18ins across and now I get at least a dozen flower spikes every year, despite the pot being frozen solid during the winter months, so it can really be considered as tough as old boots!
If you like this one there are several more species and cultivars to titillate your fancy, such as the tall E. pole –evansii with a flower spike that can get up to a staggering 2m tall, or E. ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ with burgundy red green leaves and purple red flowers – a real stunner!

Common Name: Pineapple lily
Latin Name: Eucomis bicolor
Tenderness Rating: Hardy
Ease of growing: Very easy
Position: Sun,dappled shade,
Soil Condition: Fertile, well drained soil

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