Buy Cynara cardunculus or Cardoon Artichoke thistle in the UKFrom the Canary Islands, north-western Africa and the Mediterranean, Cynara cardunculus is a very statuesque,Check Exotic Plants Prices thistle-like clump forming perennial, growing to a height of 2.4m with enormous, thick, architectural, greyish silver-green leaves up to 1.2 m long. In high summer, thistle-like, purple, flowers that resemble a small globe artichoke head are held well above the foliage and much loved by bees.

With their large, often spinney leaves and tall heads of thistle-like flowers, they are creating imposing ornamental plants for the exotic garden. When in bloom they tend to become top heavy and have a tendency to fall over hence early staking is essential.

Cardoon leaf stalks, which look like large celery stalks, can be served steamed or braised, when young, and haveCardoon Thistle Flower Head an artichoke-like flavour.

Latin name: Cynara cardunculus
Common Name: Cardoon – Artichoke thistle
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil Condition: Well drained soil