Canna 'Golden Lucifer' Canna Lilly Buy OnlineCanna Golden Lucifer – Golden Canna Lilly This rather delightful dark green leaved canna grows to around 1.2m tall and hasCheck Exotic Plants Prices vibrant golden yellow blooms dotted and marked randomly in orangey-red while some petals are pure yellow. They prefer moist humus rich soil in a full sun position and are best grown in clumps for the most dramatic affect. Like all cans, this is an excellent addition to the exotic garden associating well with bananas and gingers.

Unless you live in a mild region, it is best to dig cannas up after the first frosts have blackened the foliage. The roots should be stored in a frost free place for the winter months, and then brought back into growth in the spring ready for planting out again for the summer. They also make excellent container plants.

Common Name: Golden Canna Lilly
Latin name: Canna Golden Lucifer
Tenderness Rating: Hardy down to at least -2C hence should be cut down and stored under cover during the winter months.
Ease of growing: Easy.
Position: Prefers full sun position, but will also grow well in dappled shade.
Soil Condition: Moist, humus rich soil and respond well to a high nitrogen feed in the spring.