Buy Canna Durban indica Lily OnlineThis is the most ridiculously variegated of all the cannas, making it an absolute must for the exotic summerCheck Exotic Plants Prices garden! The fabulous paddle-like foliage is striped and feathered with strawberry pink on a darker maroon background. The large voluptuous flowers are bright mandarin orange. Canna ‘Durban’ works well as a border plant especially when planted en mass, though it works equally well as a container plant. The more you feed them the bigger and better they get, especial if planted in a full sunny position where they will rocket up to 5-6ft tall in one season.

Stock of this cultivar was introduced to the British Isles under this name from South Africa in 1994. Trials of this alongside ‘Phasion’ and ‘Tropicanna’ have proved that they are identical.

Common Name: Canna Durban, Canna Tropicanna, Canna Tropicana, Phasion
Latin Name: Canna indica
Tenderness Rating: Half hardy – can be left in the ground if heavily mulched otherwise dig up and store the tubers frost free.
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun preferred though will tolerate light shade
Soil Condition: Moist humus rich soil essential for best growth