buy musa-sikkimensi red tiger onlineMusa sikkimensis syn. M. hookeri Banana. An excellent edition to the exotic border being a strong and vigorousCheck Exotic Plants Prices plant from Sikkim in the monsoon areas of the Himalayas. It has tougher and has more upright leaves than Musa basjoo and not quite as hardy, though it is far  more resistant to shredding winds, so excellent for more open gardens. The leaves  are rich dark green, shiny and often flushed with ruby red tints especially when young, though it usually reverts to plain green with age; the undersides of the leaves are flushed maroon. It is  suitable for large containers or growing in the border with winter protection. Can be grown from root division or seed. It tolerates most growing conditions though prefers a sheltered position on fertile soil.

Musa sikkimensis ‘Red Tiger’ is a form with more pronounced markings that are streaked with dark purple  on the upper surface and a reddish purple below, making it an excellent choice.

Common Name: Himalaya banana
Latin Name: Musa sikkimensis syn. M. hookeri
Tenderness Rating: Semi- hardy, sun or dappled shade
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun to dappled shade
Soil Condition: Fertile well drained soil

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