Buy Butia capitata Jelly Palm onlineButia capitata – Jelly Palm – Very tropical looking and exceedingly handsome palm, instantly recognisable by its thick, stout trunk andCheck Exotic Plants Prices long pinnate leaves, which range from light green to bluish grey, growing to 1.5–3.5 m long (especially when grown in the shade) and strongly recurved toward the ground. It grows up to about 7.5 m tall in hot climates, though usually much less here in the UK, more like 1-4m tall. Plants grown on poor, dry soil will have much smaller leaves, and plants grown in full sun are often more compact. They prefer fertile, moist soil and grow well in high-rainfall regions, although drought and wind tolerant one established. In a sheltered position they take lows of –10°C to –12°C for short periods when mature. The Jelly Palm also makes an excellent container plant as it is rather slow growing. Fruits from this palm are used to make jam (jelly in the United States), hence the common name.

Common Name: Jelly Palm
Latin name: Butia capitata
Tenderness Rating –10°C to –12°C for short periods when mature.
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun in a sheltered corner away from desiccation winds.
Soil Condition: Well drained neutral soil.