Asplenium scolopendrium - Hart’s-tongue fernAsplenium scolopendrium – Hart’s-tongue fern. A very tropical looking evergreen fern native to Europe and theCheck Exotic Plants Prices UK. It might be common but it is never-the-less very attractive, looking as though it should be growing on the floor of a jungle! It grows from 45-60cm tall with a similar width. It has multiple shuttlecock-like crowns composed of strap-like, leathery and very glossy bright green fronds up to 60cm long that are heart-shaped at the base, often with wavy margins on short stems.

There are various cultivars available such as ‘Angustifolium’ which has fronds much narrower than the species. ‘Crispum’ has mid-green fronds with strongly wavy margins. ‘Crispum Bolton’s Nobile’ has broad fronds up to 45cm long. ‘Crispum Speciosum’ has sharply tapering fronds, occasionally with yellowish stripes. ‘Cristatum’ has much more divided fronds, each ending in a spreading crest. ‘Furcatum’ has lance-shaped fronds with a variable degree of undulation to the margins, with tips much divided and subdivided. ‘Muricatum’ has fronds distinctly wrinkled, puckered, and pleate

They all prefer humus-rich, moist, well-drained alkali to neutral soils but will take slightly acidic soils. Most will take dry conditions for short periods only.

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