Buy Agave montana or Mountain Agave for saleA relative newcomer only discovered in north-eastern Tamaulipas, Mexico, and described in the 1990s, but potentiallyCheck Exotic Plants Prices the very best agave for growing in a cool-temperate garden. Spectacular plant forming a huge rosette 2m across in its native habitats, comprising hundreds of short, wide grey leaves, each beautifully marked and toothed, resembling a giant globe artichoke.

In the wild grows as understory and emerging species in oak and pine forests at an altitude of up to 3400m, at which dizzy heights it regularly experiences heavy frosts, snow, ice, and damp mist for months on end during the winter, taking temperatures as low as –10°C and maybe –15°C, yet remains in pristine condition. Recent seed collections mean this plant is just starting to enter the European plant market.

Probably the Agave most suited to our cool wet climate. Most Agaves can cope with very cold temperature but not too many cope so well with the cold and wet. Agave montana is a spectacular Agave that does it’s very best in a hot sun-baked planting area in dry gardens, rock gardens or as a potted specimen.

The key with growing Agave montana is to find a planting environment that is very well drained, and in full-sun. So when planting out Agave montana add additional grit or gravel to the planting hole to maximise drainage.

In the colder parts of the UK and in colder than usual winters try to keep the Agave montana as dry as possible and free from a build-up of snow.

Latin name: Agave Montana
Common Name: Mountain Agave
Ease of growing: Easy to moderate
Position: Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy especially if protected from winter
Soil conditions: Exceedingly well drained gravely-sandy soil

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