Buy Agavehavardiana Chisos Agave online in the UKThis is a very cold-hardy Agave, growing to an imposing 30 x 36ins wide when mature in its native habitat, the Davis Mountains of westCheck Exotic Plants Prices Texas USA where they have cold winters but very hot baking summers. Its massive, thick, bluish-grey leathery leaves have vicious spines, so keep away from pathways!

It takes low temperatures exceedingly well if planted on gravely well drained sandy soils, or raised up on a rockery. In high rainfall areas it should have a cover in the winter to stop rain getting in the crown. It makes an excellent container plant that can then be protected from winter rains.

Latin name: Agave havardiana
Common Name: Chisos Agave – Havard’s Century Plant
Ease of growing: moderate to difficult outdoors
Position: Full sun, well-drained soil protect from winter rains.
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil Condition: Well drain sandy-gravely soil