Agapanthus africanus African lilyAgapanthus africanus or more commonly the African lily, African blue lily or Lilly of the Nile Native to theCheck Exotic Plants Prices Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Agapanthus africanus was first introduced into Europe towards the end of the 17th century as a greenhouse plant. A fabulously exotic plant producing bold clumps of strap-like, mid-green leaves which remain evergreen throughout the year in mild areas. From mid to late summer, they produce loose globes of trumpet-shaped, deep blue flowers on stiff upright, straight stems, held well above the foliage.

In the UK it is hardy is the warmest parts of the UK otherwise it is best grown as a container plant that is brought into frost free conditions for the coldest months of the year.

It is recommended to keep Agapanthus africanus pot-bound to encourage flowering, though feeding during the summer with a high potash feed will improve flower production, though when completely pot bound they can be divided.

Latin name: Agapanthus africanus
Common Name: African lily, African blue lily, Lilly of the Nile
Ease of growing: Moderate
Position: Full sun
Hardiness: Moderately hardy otherwise bring into frost free conditions fo the coldest months of the year
Soil Condition: Well drain soil