Ficus altissima yellow gem belongs to the fig family of plants with lime yellow and green leaves which appear to be similar to that of the rubber tree. It is also called the Asian council tree, famous for their easy maintenance as house plants.

Ficus altissima as an indoor plant

Ficus altissimaThey are ideal for an indoor space which needs minimalistic aesthetic yet will look chic and trendy. These plants have the air purifying quality which is an additional bonus. It is important to take care of these plants whether you are keeping them inside or planting them outside.

When ficus trees are planted in their native warm weather, they grow tall reaching out to the sky with approximately 40 ft of height. However, in the UK when it comes to maintaining the ficus tree, even beginners can do so as it doesn’t demand much which makes it ideal for those who are new to keeping plants. A fascinating thing about these plants is that in the wild they can grow up to a 100 meters tall.

Watering Ficus altissima

Water these plants when the top layer is completely dry, this way the water seeps through the soil and helps the plant to grow. If they are watered when the soil is already damp, the leaves start falling and the tree withers.

How much light does Ficus altissima need?

Just like every plant needs sunlight in order to make the food they need to flourish, ficus altissima needs indirect sunlight instead of direct sunlight. You will notice maximum growth when these are in places which get bright indirect sunlight.

Ficus altissima care

The leaves can be maintained easily by taking care of the aerial roots and its branches as well. The aerial roots help the plant stay firmly in the soil, therefore, be very careful when you are moving the plant. Asian council’s growth depends on the temperature, water and the soil condition of the area but they are famously fast growing in natively warm areas.  If they are not fertilised, the growing speed will be slow therefore use fertiliser away from the base of the plant. Make sure that the brand of fertiliser you are using is trusted as cheap brands will have salts that could damage the roots of your ficus plant.

Growing Ficus altissima in pots

This lime variegation can be grown in ground or in pots as well, which makes them very flexible. The benefits of having these beauties inside your house is that they remove toxic gas formaldehyde from air, keeping your house pure.