Unique Hanging patio heaterIf you are looking to buy a cheap hanging patio heaterCheck Hanging patio heater Prices online, this heater is a stylish product that you can use at home and in the garden. It can keep you warm during the day or night especially when you spend time outdoors in cold weather. It is portable, so that you can take it with you anywhere and simply hang it using the long chain for on a pole or a beam.

It comes with 5000 hour element life with three heat setting options: 900 watts, 1200 watts and 2100 watts. It also has a 2 cm cable length and the heater is 42.5 cm in diameter.

This excellent hanging patio heater can keep you warm and comfortable especially in cold weather. The extended chain allows you to hang the heater on a hook on tall objects. The heater also comes with a halogen bulb which provides sufficient heat to your body and not just the air around you.

This heating feature is unique to this product, giving you better features that comes at a very reasonable price. It will provide your family warmth and convenience in enjoying an outdoor dining experience even on a cold night or weather.
You will find this hanging patio heater as aesthetically well designed to match your patio design and surroundings. Its shape and look consists of a stylish design of a lamp that can pass as a modern hanging d├ęcor on your patio.

Rarely can you find this kind of a hanging heater that combines style, efficiency and modern heating feature in the market today.