hanging patio headerThis hanging patio heater can keep you warm while youCheck Hanging patio heater Prices are outdoors spending time with your family or friends especially on a cold night. You can simply take this portable outdoor heater with you and you can choose to hang it anywhere you like as long as it’s safe!

It can hook on tall objects like the bark of trees or a pole outdoor near where you want to stay and feel cozy and warm. It comes with a long extended chain that allows you to enjoy better warmth and heat nice and close.

This hanging patio heater also has a special feature of using a halogen element that can heat your body instead of just simply heating the surrounding air. This type of feature from a patio heater is often not found on its other counterparts.

The hanging patio heater comes with a convenient size of 42.5 cm in diameter with 2 meter cable length with a long chain for hanging. It keeps you warm outdoors using its 1500 W heat output and 500 hour of heating life. If you are looking to buy a cheap hanging patio heater online like this product, you are already looking at the best priced product that you can find in the market today as far as we are aware! Other versions may not come with high quality and durable features you get with this one, and you can be assured that you will have a better outdoor heating experience from this.