Fire LogCan you think of a better way to warm upCheck Party fire log Prices those chilly autumn nights or to light up a dark summer night to share good times with evening get together with friends and family than with a nice backyard fire?

The Fire Log is 50cm tall and 25cm wide. It originates from the forests of Eastern Poland and is made from seasoned pine. The Fire Log is split in the same fashion as the 17th century Swiss army split wood. This gives the Fire Log the ability to allow the fire more oxygen, giving it a longer burning time, usually around two hours in a controlled manner.
Using the Fire Log is easy; just put it in a place where it will not be a fire hazard such as away from trees, grasses, buildings, on a fire safe platform such as a paving stone, fire pit or a pile of rocks. Remove the outer packaging and light the Fire Log with the complimentary log lighter that comes included in every Fire Log purchase.

Then cozy on up to the warmth and light of a beautiful fire with your friends and family sharing laughs and good times.

Fire Log is not meant for indoor fireplaces, it is recommended for outdoor use only. Make sure when you are finished with your Fire Log that you douse it with cool water to make sure all the flames and burning embers are out.

Fire Log is an excellent way to perk up those backyard barbecues and evening parties. Your friends will love the glow and the warmth of the Fire Log.