Cast iron brazier with grillThis attractive cast iron brazier with grill would make aCheck Cast iron brazier with grill Prices wonderful edition to your back patio, garden area, or porch. Especially to enjoy a fresh meal with your neighbours and friends during those weekend parties.

Meant for outdoor use only this high quality brazier made out of heavy and durable cast iron, this brazier stands about 32 cm tall and is about 56 cm around. This heartily brazier was made to last.

However, leaving your Cast Iron Brazier with Grill outside in the elements like rain and snow could cause it to rust. No worry though. This Cast Iron Brazier will never rust through, making it unusable. It was truly built for extreme durability. For a longer lasting “pretty” look, after use and when it has cooled, one may want to consider storing it in a shed or garage to protect it from the weather.

The supporting grill will support cookware such as: pots, pans and skillets, for stove top like cooking, using charcoal for a delicious smoky flavour. These fresh cooked meals right from your garden or patio will not only be delightful but you will surely impress your friends and neighbours with this beautiful cast iron brazier.