Buy De Wit Daffodil Bulb Planter  OnlineBuy De Wit Daffodil Bulb Planter Online. The perfect tool if you have lots of bulbs to plant such as daffodils and Tulips. It is a robust tapered toolCheck Exotic Plants Prices with a sharpened rim for easy soil penetration making it perfect for softer ground in borders or lawns where planting holes are required. It removes a precise core of soil that can then be replaced on top of the bulb after planting showing little ground disturbance.
Super efficient
Speeds up the process of planting bulbs
Top quality, wonderfully tactile and nicely classically designed wooden gardening tool.
Top marks from us!

This is such a great tool, especially if you have lots of bulbs to plant over a wide area, saves you a huge amount of time and effort, and certainly opens up more possibilites for planting bulbs around your garden due to the holes being so clean and sharp – you hardly even need to get your hands dirty!

You know you’ll fall in love with this Dewit planter after the first few minutes of using it, we’re positive you will!