barbecue flavouring setThe smokiness of a proper grilling fire adds a wonderful dimension of flavor to any food you cook on it. So how do you get that perfect charred taste every time? With our barbecue flavoring set! You’ll receive a cast iron smoker box that you will fill with herb enhanced woodchips (three different flavors of woodchips are included) and place in the hot coals of your grill. The flavorful and aromatic smoke will rise through the holes in the smoker box lid and permeate your food with a smoky herbal taste. And as a special gift to you, we’ll also include two packets of herb seeds (one rosemary and one thyme) so you can grow your own flavorful cooking herbs, two metal plant label stakes so you can tell them apart, and helpful growing instructions. You’ll never have to eat a flavorless steak again once you own this barbecue flavoring set!Check Exotic Plants Prices