Contemporary cuba chimenea blackDo you want to create a warmer place in your garden orCheck Contemporary cuba chimenea black Prices somewhere outdoor where you can spend more cozy and relaxing moments with your family and loved ones? This contemporary cuba chimenea in black will give you a good product to use for this purpose.

It measures 125 cm in height at 35 cm in width and 35 in depth, the product will provide you adequate fire source to keep you warm throughout your time outdoors. It can serve as a warm hub that you can install or display in your garden or on any outdoor area of your property, giving you a perfect comfort for camping at night.

A chimenea is considered to be a portable fireplace that is perfect for outdoor use. It is a freestanding and front loading fireplace that comes with a vertical smoke vent or chimney. If you have an eye to buy cheap garden accessories online like an outdoor fireplace, this contemporary cuba chimenea black is the most suited for your choice of finding a reasonably priced outdoor fireplace to use at home.

Chimeneas are known to be around hundreds of years ago and its widespread use by the Mexican tribesmen. This was used for cooking and baking during this ancient time but as years passed by the use of chimeneas as an outdoor fireplace became popular especially among outdoor aficionados.

The contemporary cuba chimenea produces sufficient heat from a portable fireplace to keep your family warm as you spend a time outdoor for a night camping or picnic activity. Its shape is no longer bulbous as compared to the ethnic and contemporary chimeneas used before but comes with a pyramidal shape with a fireplace below and a vertical a chimney on top to release the smoke. The product is made of a cast iron and known to be durable to use.