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Buy Delosperma cooperii Ice Plant online in the UKNative to South Africa, this marvellous succulent forms a dense carpet of fleshy foliage with masses of long-lasting flowers in highCheck Exotic Plants Prices summer. The flowering capacity of this succulent is astounding, as it produces a vast quantity of vermillion, magenta or pink flowers that often cover the entire plant for months. It grows to around 10-15cm tall, with fleshy leaves and a trailing stem that hangs down; hence it looks good trailing over rocks.

It is a perfect plant for under-planting taller arid loving plants especially if planted in drifts. Overall it’s a smashing low growing trailing plant.

Latin name: Delosperma cooperii
Common Name: Trailing Iceplant, Pink Carpet
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun – very dry and hot
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil conditions: Well drained gravely-sandy soil

Buy a striking Delosperma cooperii or Trailing Iceplant online. The Delosperma cooperii is now for sale in the UK, it’s one of our favourites!

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