Chamaerops humilis Vulcano – Chamaerops Vulcano Buy Online

Chamaerops humilis Vulcano Chamaerops Vulcano Buy OnlineChamaerops humilis Vulcano – Chamaerops Vulcano. A variant of Europe’s only native palm, originally discovered on theCheck Exotic Plants Prices Mediterranean island of Vulcano off the coast of Sicily, where it is now unfortunately extinct. This must have Chamaerops is considerably more diminutive and compact in growth and stature than its bigger cousin Chamaerops humilis. Being small in stature, it is an excellent choice for exposed and coastal areas for growing in the ground with similar hardiness.

It has very stiff fronds that are densely packed giving the whole palm a very attractive appearance making this an excellent small palm for growing in containers where it will take full sun and extended periods of neglect. If and when it suckers, the whole palm can almost become spherical in appearance.

‘Vulcano’ prefers full sun in a well-drained location, though it will adapt well to shade and damp conditions as long as they do not get waterlogged.

Common Name: Chamaerops Vulcano
Latin name: Chamaerops humilis Vulcano
Tenderness Rating: Hardy down to at least -15C and works well in windy locations.
Ease of growing: Easy.
Position: Prefers full sun position, but will also grow well in dappled shade.
Soil Condition: Well drain neutral soil and responds well to a high nitrogen feed in the spring.

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