Musella lasiocarpa – China yellow banana, Golden lotus banana

buy musella lasiocarpa banana onlineMusella lasiocarpa – Also known as China yellow banana and golden lotus banana. A stunning smallCheck Exotic Plants Prices  shrubby banana forming a dense clump 1.2–1.5m high with a similar spread.  The leaves are paddle-like, stiff and upright in habit in a shade of matte greyish green. The flower head is exceptional, looking somewhat like a globe artichoke flower head in a shade of rich ochre yellow, though it usually takes 3-5 years to bloom from a small plant. Because of its size, it is ideal for restricted space or as a container plant in a sunny warm position.  Mature plants can be divided in late spring once they have started growing. In China the whole plant is used as pig fodder! Hardy to –5C for short periods if heavily protected with straw and fleece during the winter months though it is probably advisable to dig up and store frost free to guarantee you have it the following year!

Common Name:China yellow banana, golden lotus banana
Latin Name: Musella lasiocarpa
Tenderness Rating: Hardy to -3c with protection – (Digging up advised!)
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Full sun to dappled shade
Soil Condition: Well drained fertile soil.

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One Response to Musella lasiocarpa – China yellow banana, Golden lotus banana

  1. Norman David Lyons says:

    Having nurtured the Chinese banana plant purchased from our local nursery for nearly a year, it has grown in a medium sized rectangular plastic container in multi-purpose compost, it has grown strong and healthy to about five feet high. The main plant stem is tightly surrounded by seven `satallite ` plantlets , each pressed into the base of the main stem, these have grown almost to the height and size of the central plant.
    As it is now September in Leicestershire! when can I separate the seven plants from the main stem, I have assumed the container is crammed full of the roots, is it likely that the roots will survive a separation? Is there any chance of the promised hugh yellow flower spike this season ..I love bananas|||
    Your comments will be appreciated………… Norman Lyons aged 81 + years.