Dicksonia squarrosa or Hard tree fern and Rough tree fern ‘Wheki’

buy Dicksonia squarrosa fern onlineDicksonia squarrosa online or Hard tree fern or even the Rough tree fern Wheki – A Suckering tree fern with aCheck Exotic Plants Prices delicate appearance. Upright stem produces side crowns up the trunk, as well as underground runners producing side shoots, when mature. Faster growing than other dicksonias, up to a height of 8 m in the wild in its native New Zealand, though much smaller here in the UK as imports which are usually single stemmed. The trunk is covered in brown hairs and persistent frond bases. On mature plants the fronds can be from  1-3m long, though  more like 0.5-0.8m here. The fronds are  lance-shaped, bipinnate to pinnatifid, dark green and glaucous green underneath, with frond stalks covered in dense brown to black hairs. Dicksonia squarrosa prefers humus-rich, well-drained, moist soil in a humid, sheltered location, with plenty of water in the growing season. Never let the trunk dry out! Hardy to about –5°C for short periods, lower with protection. Excellent in containers or as a conservatory plant. =

Latin Name: Dicksonia squarrosa
Common Names: Hard tree fern, Rough tree fern, Wheki
Tenderness Rating: Frost-hardy if well wrapped in cold weather
Ease of growing: Easy
Position: Part or full shade
Soil Condition: Humus-rich, well-drained, moist soil

Buy Dicksonia squarrosa online | Hard tree fern, Rough tree fern, Wheki

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