Canna Striata (Canna Pretoria – Bengal Tiger) Buy Cannas Online

Lobelia cardinalis Canna PretoriaCanna Striata or Canna Pretoria or often now the Bengal Tiger. Cannas are among the most essential plants for theCheck Exotic Plants Prices exotic border as they are big, brash, bright and totally over the top, giving an exotic look in just one season as they grow ridiculously fast if fed well and watered copiously.

Over two hundred different cultivars have been created over the years.

The common name for canna is Indian shot, as it was allegedly used as ammunition for shotguns in the British Colonial period. Of the several hundred cannas that have been created over the last 100 years or so, Canna ‘Striata’ also known as ‘Pretoria’ and ‘Bengal Tiger’ particular stands out as being one of the most heavily variegated, having large leathery paddle-like leaves of deep green with bright yellow striations. From midsummer to autumn it is topped with large gladioli-like flowers in rich orange which will light up any border, especially when it is grown en-mass. This fabulous Canna grows to 1.5m high with a spread of about 0.5m.

It should not be planted out until all frosts have passed as it is a truly tropical plant. Watered and fed regularly this amazing tropical will grow very quickly giving you a fantastic show all summer. During the winter months, unless you live in a warm frost free winter location the stems should be cut down after the first frosty has blackened the leaves and stored ether in its pot or for those in the ground dug up and stored dry in trays of chipped bark or something similar.

Common Name Canna – Striata – Pretoria – Bengal Tiger, Malawiensis Variegata
Latin Name - Canna indica
Tenderness Rating Semi tender
Ease of Growing: Easy
Position: Sun,dappled shade
Soil Condition: Fertile, well drained, moist, etc

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