Buy Butia eriospatha Woolly Jelly Palm onlineButia eriospatha – Woolly Jelly Palm – A very attractive and desirable smallish, cold-hardy palm, with greyish silvery-greenCheck Exotic Plants Prices recurved and feathered fronds from 1-2m long depending on age. It bears small orange-red fruits with tasty pineapple-orange like pulp when mature. The fruits on the Woolly Jelly Palm are often considered even higher in quality than those of its close relative the well-known Jelly palm. It is very similar in stature to Butia capitata, the main difference being its inflorescence is covered in a brownish tomentum (a covering of closely matted or fine hairs on the fronds)

Hailing from mountainous regions of extreme Southern Brazil in grassy plains and Araucaria forests between 700m and 1,200m in south-eastern Brazil, where the climate is subtropical to temperate in nature, with gentle summers and light to moderate frost in the winter, taking lows of -10C and colder for short periods and longer if protected during the winter months.

The fruit is used to make jellies and jams and are also very popular with small mammals in the wild.

Common Name: Woolly Jelly Palm
Latin name: Butia eriospatha
Tenderness Rating: around –10°C though more if protected during the coldest months of the year
Ease of growing: Moderate to easy
Position: Full sun in a sheltered corner away from desiccation winds.
Soil Condition: Well drain neutral soil.

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