2 great plants to give you attractive flowers in late Autumn

If you are looking for something that will flower in late Autumn, perhaps think about planting the shrubby Viburnum tinus for height and the herbaceous Liriope muscari for the shady base.

Buy Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price' online in the UKViburnum tinus – Hailing from the Mediterranean region, Viburnum tinus grows well in or temperate climate and is a very popular winter flowering shrub, particularly as it forms a dense evergreen screen. It is also widely cultivated for its winter flowering habit in regions with mild winters. Viburnum tinus grows to around 2-4m tall and wide with time, forming a thick dense canopy of foliage consisting of opposite pairs of 4-10cm long leathery, dark green leaves that ‘being evergreen’ and can last for 2-3 years. The main attraction of this shrub is its long flowering period from October through to late May; hence there are always some flowers to be seen throughout the winter months depending on the weather. (It can be bought from here)

Liriope muscari big blue lily-turf - Buy online in the UKLiriope muscari – On a more diminutive scale is Liriope muscari, the ‘blue lily-turf’ from eastern Asia, where it is an understory plant growing in shady forests at elevations of between 100-1400 metres in China, Korea and Japan. (It can be bought from here).

It is a tufted almost grass-like perennial growing from 30-45cm tall, forming tight clumps of evergreen, strap-like glossy, dark green leaves. From August to November, short flower spikes appear with tiered wholes of dense, violet-purple flowers, rising above the foliage. It is a very attractive plant that is almost maintenance-free, making this an excellent choice for the autumn garden. It is a tough plant without becoming thuggish as it spreads very slowly.

More information and where to buy.
We suggest to buy the Viburnum tinus from here, and the Liriope muscari from here.

Let us know how you get on!

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