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Checking ginger plants for winter damage and new growth

ginger plants in the exotic gardenHow to check your ginger plants for winter damage with Will Giles. Taking a look at Will’s ginger plants to see if the winter has affected any growth. Will has been growing gingers for many years, so this short video is well worth a view if you are thinking of growing gingers yourself, or have some already. Winter has taken it’ s toll on a number of exotic gardens this year, growing exotic and tropical plants in the UK can often be a challenge, but Will has been growing exotics in England for over 25 years.

Check Exotic Plants PricesIf you are interested in buying ginger plants, have a look at some of the plants available to buy at the moment, they are beautiful plants and produce the most wonderful flowers.

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Growing Tree Ferns in the UK – Will Giles Explains

Dicksonia antarctica tree fern buy Growing & buy ing tree ferns in the UK. Today we bring you another video from Exotic gardening expert Will Giles. Here we look into growing one of the most popular exotic plants, the tree fern. A fast growing and beautiful addition to your exotic garden, but requires it’s own special care and attention. Will Giles explores growing these amazing tree ferns in his wonderful garden in Norwich, Norfolk, on the East coast of England. We will be letting you know the best place to buy tree ferns very shortly, we’re making our lists!

Check Prices Now on Exotic PlantsAre you looking to buy tree ferns in the UK? We’ve found some right here for you, lots to choose from so please have a look at this selection of tree ferns available right now!

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How to get rid of Lily beetles & Lily beetle control

Will Giles - The Exotic GardenHow do I get rid of Lily beetles and stop lily beetles destroying my plants? Another question we often get asked here at Exotic Plants Online and once again Mr Will Giles comes to the rescue. A hero for the lily and a arch enemy for the lily beetle, Will shows you the best way of getting rid of lily beetles on your growing plants. Do you have problems with lily beetles, or do you have any other tips and tricks to get rid of lily beetles that you want to share with us? If you have something to tell us please use the comment form below and we would love to hear from you!

Check Exotic Plants PricesAre you looking to buy Lillies? If so, have a look at our selection here and grow one for yourself!

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How to protect Hostas from snail and slug damage

Hosta sum and substanceHow do I protect Hosta’s from slug and snail damage in my garden ? A commonly asked question and a problem that occurs with not just the Hosta. < In this video, our very own Will Giles tells us his secrets for keeping a slug and snail free garden, to make sure the beautiful striking leaves of the Hosta stay in tip top condition. Do you have any other ways of protecting plants from slug and snail damage? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you! If you don't know much about Hosta's check out our informative Hosta Overview Page!

View the full range of hosta plants onlineA little information about the humble Hosta. Are you looking to buy a Hosta for your garden? Have a look at our selection to see if you want to add one to your exotic garden. We love Hostas, perfect for some broad leaf action!

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Exotic Plants Online – Welcome!

Hello and welcome to Exotic and Tropical Plants online, helping you to learn about this wonderful genre of exciting and tropical gardening. We are putting together a large archive of information regarding exotic plants and exotic gardening and through articles, plant reviews, product reviews and gardening news we’ll help you along every step of the way. Whether you are an amateur or a professional gardener, we aim to provide you some of the best resources, best places to buy exotic plants online as well as where the best places around the country to buy the more tropical and exotic plants. We are a little biased regarding our love of exotics, I hope we will be of assistance to you!

Buy exotic plants and tropical plants online

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