Dancook 1500 kettle charcoal BBQ with preparation table

Dancook 1500 kettle charcoal BBQ with preparation TableWith a combination Dancook 1500 kettle charcoal BBQ and preparation table, the grilling and prep options are endless. The 58cm diameter Danish designed kettle grill fits right into the stainless steel and aluminum table while still leaving enough tabletop space to conveniently chop, marinate and dish up your grilled creations right alongside the BBQ. The preparation table also has wheels on one side to ease transporting it from deck to patio as well as a large, second storage shelf for storing your bags of charcoal, cords of wood, grilling utensils and more. The stainless steel tabletop can handle the outdoors and won’t rust. It is also easily cleaned and disinfected after contact with raw meat. For both winning design and function, the Dancook 1500 kettle BBQ with preparation table is one of our top sellers.Check Exotic Plants Prices

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