Buy Hozelock garden water sprinkler systems – Aqua Storm 20

Check Exotic Plants PricesBuy Hozelock garden water sprinkler systems – Garden irrigation We have a couple of these great AquaStorm oscillating sprinkler here at the Exotic Garden, a must have if you have a large garden or if you want to cover a decent sized area with 100% even water coverage. buy hozelock garden water sprinklerYou can adjust the coverage by twiddling the little red adjusters, so you can water as small or large area as you like. Personally most of the time we just set it to maximum range and let it water a big area whilst we are working on another part of the garden. A nice and reliable bit of automatic watering kit, that is self powered by a water powered gear drive motor which works at almost all water pressures. Well worth owning a couple of these if you want to water a bigger area nice and evenly!

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